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I offer web design services for whatever your needs, whether you want a web presense for your large corporation, a fledgling small business, a personal, family or hobby site, or anything in between. Here are some examples of my work.


Business and personal sites

This website (the one you are currently viewing) is an example of a standard business website. It is an informational site that is created to answer clients' or potential clients' questions about your business/club/organization etc. This category of site is just about the most commonly seen on the internet, and for good reason!

A personal website usually consists of a main page with a small number of sub pages with things like personal interests, photos, links to favorite pages, etc. Example of a personal page

New site creation

All my standard sites include:
A custom Banner
Created for you from scratch, your existing graphics * or from a combination of the two with your webesite, company or organzation's logo and name, which can be included on each page, if you wish.

Up to 2 additional custom graphics
Created for you from scratch, your existing graphics * or from a combination of the two to your specifications, which can be included on each page, if you wish.

Up to 5 client supplied graphics *
Client supplied graphics are graphics that are already in digital format and can be simply uploaded to your site. These can be placed on any or all pages of your site.

Unlimited client supplied text * per page
Client supplied text is any pre-formatted (meaning the spaces, page breaks, etc are already where you want them) text that can be simply copied and pasted into your site.

Up to 500 words of text from client supplied sources * or up to 250 words of designer supplied text per page
Text from a client supplied source would be text that had to be typed in, copied from a source that could not be simply copied and pasted in, such as a brochure, flyer, etc.
Designer supplied text is wording based on what you, the client, want to express but are not sure how to word it properly.

Graphic and/or text internal links on every page
These are the links that take you to the other pages within your site. For instance, the graphic links on every page (other than the home page) to other parts of the site are located on the left sidebar. The text links are located at the bottom of every page. Text links help visitors who are browsing without graphics and improve search engine results for your site.

A links page with up to 5 external links per page you pay for. (for example, if your site has 5 pages, not counting the links page, you get up to 25 external links for free).
These are links to other websites. This can be useful for cooperating with other sites in banner exchange programs and the like.

Email contact links (if desired)
This is a link which starts up the visitor's email utility and creates a blank email message addressed to you (example: an " email us " link) and can be included with the site's internal links on every page. I actually recommend using contact forms (see below) instead, to help protect your email address from spammers, but the decision, like all your business decisions, is up to you.

One contact page
This is a page which includes a form that can be filled out and sent directly from your website. The results of the form are sent to you in an easy to read format, and you can then simply reply to the query from your email account. The contact form helps prevent spammers from abusing your email address in two ways: 1. Your email address need not be listed anywhere on your website, so it cannot be mined by spambots. The form uses encryption and goes through another server to get the message to you, so your email is safe. 2. The form submission makes use of "CAPTCHA" technology to prevent automated submissions.

Meta tags on every page
These are the internal tags, or "code" that allows search engines to find your site's keywords and description. Many designers include this code only on the main page, but placing unique meta tags on every page increases hits to your website whenever a keyword search is performed!

Manual submission of your site to several of the top search engines
Having your site listed with the major search engines is vital to bringing web traffic to your site. Included sites that I will submit your site to are, Yahoo!, AOL Search, MSN Search, Scrub The Web, Splat!, Traffic Auction, Google, Entireweb.com, Altavista, Aeiwi, Aesop.com, Changing Links, ExactSeek, Jayde Online and many others!

Languages included in a basic site:

HTML - This is the standard web language that is used to create web pages.

CSS - Cascading style sheets... This language allows the creation of files that will customize many pages with the same file. It is great if you want to change the look of your entire site without having to pay for the hours involved in changing each individual page!

PHP inserts This allows for insertion of specific files into pages on your site. Then, if an element changes that you include on all or many of your pages (adding a linked page, for instance) it is only required to change ONE file, so, again, it saves you money.

Javascript - Up to 2 small, simple Java scripts (eg: right click disable, pop up warning or "ok" dialouge box) are included with your basic site.

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Revamps for existing sites



Layout or theme changes

Complete Overhauls

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Affordable hourly or per-page rates

You can easily do an Internet search on web design on any search engine to find the going rate. As you will see, my rates, per hour or per page, are almost always at least half that, and more often than not, far less than half!
The reason for this is that I am not paying a bunch of staff by the hour to sit around and wait for something to do and I don't have a fancy office space. I have only what I need to get the job done!

By the hour:
The hourly rate is a flat rate of $35.00 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum. This includes only time spent actually working on your site. You are never billed for time spent on breaks, goofing off or extra work caused by any mistakes I may make.

Per page
1st page - $280.00, 1-2 additional pages - $120.00 each, 3rd - 6th pages - $90.00 each, all pages after that - $70.00 each.
These prices are for standard pages within the same site.

Note: This pricing structure is based on the reality that the great majority time involved in designing a website is spent creating the main page. The initial designing of a site's look, layout, navigation, and the vitally important search engine coding can often take eight-to-twelve hours to create, while subsequent pages generally take far less.

Package deals
Personal Site $460.00 - Includes 4 pages... Generally a Main/bio page, second page for more info, writing or whatever, and a photo page with a simple photo gallery (up to 20 photos), plus a links page with up to 20 links.

Business Site $580.00 - Includes 6 pages... Generally a Main/general info page linked to 4 additional pages for more detailed information, including a photo/product page with a simple photo gallery (up to 20 photos) if desired, plus a links page with up to 30 links.

(pricing for maintnence plans below)

Maintenance and updates

Once your website is complete, or if you have an exising website, it still will likely need updated from time to time.

Wolf Den Business Solutions is a smart choice for one stop, cost effective web site maintenance. Let me take care of the geeky details so you can concentrate on doing what you do best...running your business!

How often updates are needed will depend on various factors, such as the products or services you offer and how often those things change or how often new information relevant to your business or organization becomes available. Signing up for a regular maintenance plan will help keep your web presense on the cutting edge!

All Web Site Maintenance plans include:
Complete Backup copy of your website

Detailed, easy to understand invoicing

Thorough testing after every edit

Prompt, friendly and proffessional email support

Pay as you go or monthly plans. Pick the plan that works for you!

Pay-as-you go:

Need something changed or fixed now? Rush service is available for a mere $60/hr. (subject to availability, contact me  for details.)

Monthly Plans:
Wolf Pup: Up to two hours a month for $55/month 72 hour turnaround for most urgent edits Additional work at $35/hour

Lone Wolf: Up to five hours a month for $130/month 48 hour turnaround for most urgent edits Additional work at $35/hour

Wolf Pack: Up to ten hours a month for $250/month 24 hour turnaround for most urgent edits Additional work at $35/hour

Ready to sign up?? Want more information??? Have questions??

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* Client must be the copyright holder (the creator or owner of an item) or have written permission from the copyright holder of any client supplied text, images or other content to be placed on a website.



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