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Virtual Assistant Services

[What is a virtual assistant?]

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Proofreading & Editing

Proofreading can be a tedious task, but it is a critical one! Any mistakes overlooked can be costly or impossible to correct and can make all the difference in the world for your business. Computer spellcheckers are useful but limited. They are based on US English and are unable to distinguish the correct tense or even whether a word is correct (e.g. they would not pick up the difference between ware, wear and where). Many programs are also rather notorious for "recommending" changes that are completely inappropriate and actually create a grammatically incorrect sentences!

I can:

Check and correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and general (UK or US) English errors
Check and flag (and/or correct) errors or inconsistencies in style and content
Check for overall sense and clarity and edit as needed

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Word Processing

I can help with everything from letters and memos to reports, journals or complete procedure manuals and can supply a professionally finished document on plain paper or your own letterhead. Leave the choice of fonts and layout to me or specify a range of special features, including graphics and desktop publishing options. I can accommodate special layouts such as columns, tables, or charts and a wide range of styles and colors.

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Desktop Publishing

I can create a wide variety of documents for you and send them to you in a digital, ready to print format or deliver the finished product to your home or office.

Documents I have experience in creating include:

Business Cards
Press releases
Promotional material

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Dictation & Transcription

I can handle all manner of audio dictation of:

And more!

Forms of dication accepted :

Voice Chat
Audio recordings on standard audio tapes
Audio recordings on mini cassettes
Audio recordings in digital sound file format. (CD/Mp3/FLAC/etc)

*A note about transcribing time.

It is a common misconception that transcribing can be done in the same length of time it takes to listen to the dictation. People tend to speak much faster than we can type or write.

The industry standard for transcribing prescribes the allowance of one hour per 15 minutes of clearly recorded speech.

A 1 hour tape can take a minimum of 4 hours to transcribe and up to 6-8 hours depending on factors including, but not limited to:

The overall quality of the recording
The clarity of the voice(s) on the tape
The number of people speaking
The speed at which they are speaking
Whether they speak in coherent sentences
The degree of regional accents
The amount of technical terms involved
The position and number of microphones used

Editing Transcription

The spoken English very rarely appears concise or clear, particularly in interviews. It can appear rambling, repetitive and full of "fillers" such as, "like", "um", "err", "know what I mean?", etc. The transcribed result is often completely unintelligible.

I can edit the literal transcription into a concise and easily understood text so that the speaker's meaning is clear and professionally presented.

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Data Entry

I can accurately enter data from most any source for just about anything you can think of, including, but definitely not lmited to:

Customer Lists
Classified Ads
Inventory Records
Mailing Lists
Mailing Labels
W-2 Forms

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Record, review, and keep financial transactions updated.
Manage customer statements and invoices.
Ensure accuracy in figures, postings, and reports.
Invoicing & Reminders
If running your business leaves you no time to invoice your clients, I can take over that chore and ensure invoices are issued promptly.
Payment Reminders
In a perfect world, issuing an invoice would always mean prompt payment; but reality dictates that isn't always the case.Often, the problem is administrative rather than an unwillingness to pay and a client simply needs a reminder. Many people find reminding a client that they owe money to be unpleasant and, as a result, tend to put it off far longer than is prudent.I can take care of those reminder calls and contacts for you so you don't have to!

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Professional letter writing
Often, we know what we want to say; the message we want to get across to someone, but are at a loss as to how to present our ideas in a clear, concise and professional manner. I have many years of experience in practicing and teaching effective communication skills... Let me put that expertise to work for you!

Electronic and postal mailing services
I can send communications to your customers, collegues and other businesses or personal contacts for you via e-mail or postal mail, including regularly scheduled mailings, newsletters, special announcements, catalogs, letters, or any other corresepondence.

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I can book personal and business appointments for you, from handling your appointments with your clients based your availability in your schedule that you have created, to having me coordinate your entire dayplanner!
Maybe you just need someone to set appointments for you while you are out in the field or away from your phone, or perhaps you would like someone to take care of all the details from business meetings and trips, lunch with a client, a visit to the stylist, dentist's appointments for the kids, your dog's visit to the groomer and dinner with the family.
Either way, I can help you get organized and be where you need to be, when you need to be there.

Appointment setting
Travel arrangements
Car Rental
Hotel Reservations
Reminders by phone or email

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Inside Sales
Outside Sales

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Customer Service

More details coming soon!

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Pricing & Payments

My rates for virtual assistant services are remarkably straightforward.
Most administrative virtual assistant projects are billed at an hourly rate of $30 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments after a 2 hr minimum.

Exceptions to this are:
Data Entry - $18.00 per hour
Errand running/gift buying - $38.00 per hour, including travel time, 1/2 hour minimum.

* Exceptions do not affect incremental billing. All services are billed in 15 minute increments after any applicable minimums.

For services costing $50 or less, payment is due initially, with the balance due upon receipt of completed work.
For projects proposed in excess of $50, a 25% deposit is required. The balance due upon receipt of the invoice for the finished project.
There is a $35 fee for returned checks.
Unpaid accounts over 30 days are subject to a $25 per month late fee.

Payment accepted
Personal Check
Cashiers Check
Money Order
Barter/Trade Options Available

*Via secure checkout
Subject to waiting period until check/money order clears
contact me for more information.


All files are virus-checked before being sent.
Work may be delivered via flash/thumb drive, sd/micro-sd card, e-mail, FTP, fax, USPS 1st class, priority or express mail**, FedEx** or UPS**

**Client pays actual shipping cost.