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Want to sell your stuff on eBay but don't have the time?
Let me do it for you!
I am a professional online auction trading assistant. What that means is that I have the knowlege and expertise to help you sell your items for the best possible profit .
Trading Assistants are experienced sellers who will sell your items on auction sites like eBay for a fee. Work with a Trading Assistant and enjoy these benefits:

Save time and effort

Once you drop off or ship the item(s) to me, your work is done!
I handle every aspect of selling your item on eBay, including:

Creating an attractive and professional listing for your item.
Handling all associated listing and final value fees.
Answering questions from buyers.
Collecting payment from the buyer once your item sells.
Shipping the item to the buyer upon reciept of payment for won auctions.
Passing the profits on to you via check, money order or bank transfer*!

*Bank transfers require a free PayPal account.

Take advantage of my selling expertise

I have been successfully selling on eBay since 2003 and have 100% positive feedback!
That means you can be assured that the listing for your item(s) will be of the highest quality and that buyers will be satisfied with their purchase.
Every listing includes:

A minimum of 2 professional quality photos.
The single most important key to making an item sell is a great photo! Even better are multiple photos.
I will take high resolution, professional quality, digital photos of all item(s) and include as many photos in the listing as needed to provide the best possible exposure for item(s).

Custom HTML auction layout.
The same high level of quality and effort goes into creating your auction listings that I put forth when designing websites. Your listing will include custom graphics which are relevant to the item listed and will best compliment and showcase your item.

Accurate and throrough decription of your item.
Many items for auction do not sell simply because they lack complete information. Some potential buyers may take the time to ask the seller a question, but most will simply move on to the next auction.
I take the time to describe items completely, listing any special features and using wording statistically proven in market research to SELL!

Turn your unwanted items into CASH!

Almost everyone has items sitting around collecting dust, and most keep meaning to have a garage or yard sale or take it to a charity "one of these days" to get rid of it, but finding the time can be too much hassle for someone with a busy schedule.

Now that you have someone to do most of the work for you, why not look around your house, yard, garage or storage unit to see what you have taking up space that could be making you money?!

With millions of buyers and thousands of categories on eBay, there's a vast array of items that can be sold successfully.

The following is by no means a complete list, but it should be enough to get you started.


Clocks and pocket watches

Original Comic Art
Framed prints
Pottery and vases

Business & Industrial
Laboratory equipment (microscopes, oscilloscopes, signal generators)
Telephone switchboards
Office equipment
Tools and machinery

Cameras & Photo
Darkroom equipment
Digital and Film Cameras

Clothing & Accessories
Wedding Dresses and formal attire
Gently used or new garments, purses, shoes, scarves and belts
Maternity wear

Computers & Networking
Computers (PCs, laptops, Macintosh, etc.)
Flat panel monitors
Inkjet printers
UPS backup batteries
Popular software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, etc.)

Consumer Electronics
Audio components (receivers, tuners, amps, speakers, CD players, turntables, etc.)
Video components (TVs, DVD players, TiVo, etc.)
Portable players (DVD and mp3 players)

Home & Garden
Bathroom fixtures and faucets
Electronic toothbrushes
High-end cookware and utensils
China, crystal, and dinnerware
Glassware and barware
Small appliances (blenders, bread machines, coffee/espresso makers, microwave ovens, etc.)
Chainsaws or table saws
High-end vacuum cleaners
Pottery & Glass

Jewelry & Watches
Diamond jewelry
Pearl jewelry
Pocket watches
Designer wrist watches

Musical Instruments & Equipment
Keyboards & synthesizers.
Studio equipment (mics, mixers, power amps, speakers, etc.)
Karaoke machines and disks

Sporting Goods
Camping and outdoor gear (backpacks, tents, sleeping bags) in good condition
Binoculars and telescopes
Golf clubs and bags
Scuba gear
Skis and snowboards in new condition

Sports Memorabilia
Trading cards
Signed sports equipment or photos

Toys & Hobbies
Teddy bears
Model trains
Beanie Babies
Infant and toddler toys

Video Games and Accessories
Game consoles (Playstation 2, Xbox, etc.)
Game controllers
LCD screens
Carrying cases

Additional information and pricing.

My Trading Assistant Contract(Doc)

Supporting/Informational documents regarding trading assistants.
TA - Garage Sale Comparison (PDF) This document summarizes a comparison of Chicago families. One held a garage sale and made $400. The second hired a TA and made $2,000.


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