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What is a Virtual Assistant?
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A Virtual assistant is a contractor, highly skilled in various office, technical and clerical applications who works for you from their own office.
A Virtual Assistant can have a powerful impact on your productivity as a business owner.

Traditionally, we have been known by many names: secretaries, administrative assistants, executive assistants, bookkeepers, or even, simply, "clerks". But in recent years, technology has allowed more and more professionals to work from their homes or in a virtual office themselves, so the assistant has often become virtual as well and, because of the Internet, global!
With today's technology and communication options, whether you are running your business in a rented loft space, your renovated garage, your living room or from your laptop on the beach, nobody but you and your assistant need ever know your assistant isn't sitting at a desk just outside your "corner office with a view"!

Work assignments can be communicated via e-mail, phone, fax, mail and real-time online messaging.

Some benefits of using a Virtual Assistant:

No overhead for office space, furniture or equipment.

No paying someone by the hour to wait for something to do. You pay only for the work that is done.

No hassles with payroll taxes, insurance, paid vacations, workers compensation, sick leave or any other costs associated with permanent employees.

No expense or down time for training new employees.

We work behind the scenes, giving you the freedom to concentrate on building you business.

You are free to devote more time to the job you do best and not on time consuming clerical details. Spend more time with your family and friends or Actually take that vacation you've been wishing you could take!

Reminder services, so you'll never miss another meeting or business associate's birthday again!

For non-profit organizations: Event planning, marketing and flyers are key items to find supporters. I can provide affordable professional help.

Personal services: Wedding invitations, thank you notes, travel arrangements, gift buying, event planning and more!

When you use my services, you can ALWAYS count on:

Consistent quality of service

Honest and Ethical business practices

Having your privacy and Confidentiality respected


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